Tenuta Dalle Ore

Constantly searching for new methods to perfect their wines

The Tenuta Dalle Ore estate is located in the center of Veneto, 300 meters above sea level in the hills of Trissino. This area of ​​Veneto has long been recognized for its cultural contribution to the region, but it is now gaining awareness for its viticulture potential. In the last few years, a number of ambitious winemakers have started producing wines, discovering exceptional terroirs that are perfectly adapted to the culture of the vine. The Dalle Ore family had recognized that potential long ago and have been cultivating grapes for several decades. Today, brothers, Marco, Luciano and Vittorio are managing the 22 hectare family estate. Since 2006, the three brothers have been working according to an ancient local farming principle, “the rule of the Agno Valley”, which is based on a respect for the environment. A minimum of 20% of a property should be left untouched, in forests or fields, whatever its natural form. No synthetic products, fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides can be used to avoid impacting microorganisms and micro-flora, essential to maintaining the balance of the land’s terroirs. For the same reason, any form of irrigation is strictly forbidden on the estate. Only manual interventions are allowed in this viticultural model where knowledge and experience have been passed down for generations. By working under these strict principles, winemakers like the talented Dalle Ore brothers stand out.

Passionate about wine and their surroundings, the Dalle Ore brothers work their land with determination, following strict organic farming principles. The vineyard is planted with international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Riesling, all separately vinified. They continue to experiment and try new farming practices or vinification techniques, not adhering strictly to established terms such as biodynamics or natural wine. Instead, they explore and talk about holistic viticulture and synergistic or homeopathic practices. Whatever the terminology used their hard work results in fine, extraordinary wines with a pure expression of the Agno valley’s fruit and terroir.

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