In the heart of Haut-Rhin and the best alsatian terroirs

The vineyards of the central part of the Haut-Rhin are gathered on slopes north and south of the city of Colmar. This sub-region is protected by mountain peaks upon which clouds may remain hanging for weeks thus maintaining clear and sunny skies. Alsace receives little rain fall, the average is 590mm a year. Soil erosion, as well as partial droughts, can complicate the work of the winemakers. In spite of these sometimes challenging climatic conditions Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris ripen perfectly on the marl and limestone soils located near the villages of Eguisheim and Voegtlingshofen.


The famous Alsatian estates, extending beyond the borders of France, have a philosophy based on the commercial distribution of wine rather than a qualitative development of the products. When a classification system was defined in Alsace, the emphasis was put on individual vineyards and on the identification of qualitatively superior plots. This had the effect of transferring the power from merchants to smaller producers and is often the subject of disagreements. Besides the 51 grands crus recognized today, Alsace has only three appellations d’origine controlée: one for varietal wines, one for Grands Crus and one for Crémant d'Alsace, their sparkling wine.

Winemakers from Colmar

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