Côte Chalonnaise

Discover the complexity of the wines from the Côte Chalonnaise 

The Côte Chalonnaise is like an extension of the Côte de Beaune but since the vineyards are at a much higher altitude the grapes often ripen later than in Côte de Beaune. As such the wines develop their own distinct expression. The Côte Chalonnaise produces both white and red wines and their character is a result of the particular soils and microclimates of the appellation. In the north the soils are calcareous and yield soft and elegant wines while in the south, parcels consist primarily of marl clay covered with sand that give more firmer and more structured wines.

Historically the Côte Chalonnaise was known for its Crémant de Bourgogne, but today its elegant still wines are just as renowned. The wines from this region are easy to drink and have a good level of acidity since it is a bit more difficult to reach full phenolic maturity than in Côte de Beaune. Because of their attention to detail and exemplary rigorous viticulture principles, the wine growers with whom we work deliver wines that offer a value for the money that is hard to beat for Burgundy.

Winemakers from Côte Chalonnaise

Wines from Côte Chalonnaise