Riofavara : respect for the environment

This estate’s vineyards were planted in 1920. The Val di Noto region has an ideal climate for grape growing, but it was not until 1993 that the Riofavara estate was created. The Eloro appellation is located on the south eastern tip of Sicily. With its hot and dry climate, it is ideally for organic farming which suits Massimo Padova and his young dynamic team .The wines produced from the local grape varieties Nero d'Avola, Moscato and Inzolia Grecanico, accurately reflect the Sicilian soil. Vinified with a respect for traditions but with modern equipment thses wines transpose the purity of fruit and the minerality of the soil and today are highly prized by fans of Sicilian wines.

Riofavara, with its 16 hectares of vineyards and less than 70,000 bottles produced annually, is not a big estate in Sicily nor does it have the reputation of other local producers. However, the Riofavara wines have their own unique personality and speak for themselves. The Padova family has been at the helm for twenty years now, working hard to continually improve the quality of their wines. Today they are getting international recognition for their hard work and for the thoroughness of their biological approach.

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Riofavara Wines

  • Made from Nero d’Avola with a small percentage of mixed local grapes, the 2011 S. Basilio opens to a penetrating dark garnet color with lively aromas of ripe fruit, tobacco and mild spice. The wine sees brief contact with wood, but the oak presence on the bouquet is extremely mild mannered. Acidity and generous fruit flavors set this wine apart. This is...

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About the region

Val di Noto in Sicily

A region with an ideal grape growing climate

Famous for its architecture and cultural history, Val di Noto became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. When it comes to viticulture, this area has some of Sicily’s finest and most famous vineyards. The area has many different landscapes and a wide variety of microclimates, but the triangle formed by the towns of Ragusa, Noto and Eloro combine the key factors for high quality wine production. The Nero d'Avola grape flourishes here like nowhere else in Sicily. This is where the greatest wines of this grape variety, which owes its name to the town of Avola, are made. The southern tip of the island is actually farther south than Tunis! Because of the hot winds that regularly roam the vineyards and the quasi-absence of rain during the summer the risk of mould is low, setting the ideal conditions for organic viticulture.

The wines of Val di Noto, on the south eastern tip of Sicily, have enjoyed a mounting popularity in the last couple of decades. In this region soils vary greatly from one area to another. Soil composition in some parcels is closer to that of the vineyards of Etna, with a rich concentration of volcanic tuff. Other parcels further south have a chalky or even sandy clay soil. The hilly landscapes also play an important role in the development of the grapes and their flavours.

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