A hilly region where Chardonnay thrives

The Mâconnais is Burgundy’s southernmost vineyard region. Its limestone subsoil covered with clay or silt is ideally suited for making superb whites that easily stand up to those from the renowned Côte d’Or. The area is sunnier and warmer, and the risks of frost and hail are lower. The esteemed domaines and winemakers primarily work in the southern part of the region, in the Saint-Véran and Pouilly-Fuissé appellations. The Viré and Clessé villages, located on a limestone strip in the northern section, also produce good, plump Burgundian Chardonnay.

The southern section of the Mâconnais has several well-known appellations such as Pouilly Fuissé and Vergisson, for example. It is in these vineyards, at the foot of spectacular rock formations like Solutré and Vergisson, that fine Chardonnays is grown that regularly is skilfully vinified into remarkable white wines.

Winemakers from Mâconnais

Wines from Mâconnais