A fragmented and diverse region with top quality terroirs.

The mountainous region of Piedmont which surrounds the city of Turin is the birthplace of many great wines enjoyed by enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The climate and soil in Piedmont are ideal for grape growing, but the mountains that the region is known for can sometimes provide challenging conditions for winemaking. The vineyards with less sun exposure on gentler slopes are mostly planted with early maturing varietals like Dolcetto, Freisa or Arneis. On steeper slopes, winemakers opt for Barbera, a grape that reaches full maturity with the best sun exposure. Only the best plots with optimal exposure are planted in Nebbiolo, a fickle grape that matures late and is difficult to master.

Barolo and Barbaresco wines, an expression of the unique terroir and beautiful Nebbiolo grape, are among the finest examples of what the region, and even Italy, can offer. When they are well crafted they can age and improve over several decades. The Barbera and Dolcetto grapes can, for their part, yield remarkable results and provide excellent value for the money when grown on good soils and developed by talented winemakers. In this region with variable climatic conditions, only experienced and caring growers can consistently produce elegant wines.

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