Veneto, region of numerous grape varietals

Veneto is one of Italy’s most productive wine regions with more than 2 million DOC appellation hectoliters produced each year from the forty varietals that are grown there. The vineyards stretch from Lake Garda at the foot of the Alps in the north to the lagoons of the Adriatic Sea to the east. The quality varies greatly from one sub-region to another and from one producer to another. The best wines generally come from the western part of the region around the city of Verona. Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone are among the most popular and best-known Italian wines and all come from this fascinating area.

Wine production in the northeast of Italy is just as diverse as the topography and soils that characterize the region. Added to this is a multitude of microclimates and work philosophies. The rich grape variety and the wide range of wines with different styles are therefore not surprising. Even within Veneto, some appellations such as Soave or Valpolicella are quite spread out, it is best to read up on an estate’s viticultural and winemaking practices, soil and vineyard locations to correctly evaluate a wine’s organoleptic potential. Usually the heart of appellation, categorized classico, is the most interesting in terms of quality. 

Winemakers from Veneto

Wines from Veneto