Gavi di Gavi

A sub-region that produces fantastic whites

 The sub-region of Gavi, which extends around the village of the same name, is located in the south eastern portion of Piedmont in northwest Italy. The main varietal is the Cortese, a white, thinned skin grape that can either be vinified dry or spumante (sparkling). Some areas, adapting to market demands, have also planted international grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The sub-region of Gavi was granted the status of Cortese di Gavi DOCG in 1998 and quickly gained an international reputation for the quality of its white wines. Wines with the Gavi di Gavi mention are very rare as they can only be made with fruit from the Gavi area.

There is renwed interest for wines from Gavi is because of small producers that are constantly pushing the limits to improve the quality of their wines. The native varietal Cortese produces dry, sharp and fruity wines. They also have a minerality that reflects the characteristics of their soil. Gavi wines are suitable for aging, but can also be fully appreciated in their youth. They are a perfect accompaniment to seafood and fish.

Winemakers from Gavi di Gavi

Wines from Gavi di Gavi