The Great Lakes, an asset for this wine region

In Ontario the proximity of the Great Lakes play a key role for wine growing. Because of these lakes, some regions benefit from exceptional climatic conditions that permit the culture of "vitis vinifera", the kinds of vines that produce noble varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Riesling, and Cabernet Franc, for example. Three large regions, each with their own unique characteristics, produce international quality wines: the Niagara Peninsula, the North Shore of Lake Erie, and Prince Edward County. All three regions benefit from the effect of the Great Lakes that extend the ripening period in the fall thanks to the summer`s accumulated heat.

Today, many Ontario wines can be favourably compared with the same style of wines produced elsewhere in the world. Even if the famous ice wines that have been winning international competitions with distinction for decades are more well-known, other Canadian wines stand out even more in their respective categories.

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