A sub-region of vineyards, orchards and hazelnuts

 The soil in Roero gets its character from the variety and richness of its subsoil and the valleys that shape its landscape. Roero is a fairly large area, with a circumference of 350 km that includes 23 towns and sub-municipalities. The name "Roero" comes from the Asti Conti Roero family that dominated this area in the 14th century. A million years ago Roero was underwater which explains the presence of limestone, sand and many fossils and shells in its soil. Even today, it is common to find such fossils and shells in the vineyards. Roero is located on the left bank of the Tanaro river that forms a border with Langhe. Like many sub-regions in Piedmont, Roero has a rich heritage of winemaking dating from Roman times. In addition to being recognized for its hilltop vineyards however, the Roero appellation is also known for its many orchards and dense hazelnuts groves. The yellow ochre stone gives the area a unique and fascinating beauty.