Côtes Catalanes

Roussillon is a very different region from the rest of Languedoc. It is less wild and its climate is more dry and hot in general. Historically wellknown for its 'Vins Doux Naturels' (VDN), such as Maury and Banyuls, the region now produces high quality dry and unique wines. Cellar upgrade, control of production temperature and careful viticulture have greatly facilitated  the development of quality wines. Although the region is very hot, the Mediterranean Sea nearby, winds, as well as altitude, allow to produce dry well-balanced wines with great acidity and very reasonable alcohol levels.

The geological structure of Roussillon is very complex. The Pyrenees' movement during the tertiary period is responsible for a soil mosaic coming from schist, granit, gneiss, clay, limestone and gravel. The sun is very generous with more than 320 days of sunshine per year. The almost every day presence of Mediterranean winds and Tramontane (North-West) benefit the vines and slow down the maturation process. Red wine production is predominant in the region, but rosé and whites are developing more and more.

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