The wine region of Friuli, located in North-East Italy, experiences a mild Mediterranean to harsh continental climate. The vineyards are planted on the south and south-east facing slopes of the Dolomites, amid sinuous valleys. Here, we find a wide variety of grapes producing rich, ripe white and red wines. Wines from the plain are labelled Friuli Grave DOC and tend to be white, and made in a simple, fruity style. The regions of Collio DOC and Colli Orientali DOC, both located in the hills, are known for premium, more concentrated white wines with Colli Orientali also noted for its reds.

The troubled history of the region affected the local viticulture. Indeed, the area changed hands a few times. The German, Slovenian and Italian influences combine to create a riche terroir. The wines of Friuli started to gain commercial success in the beginning of the 70s and was one of the first regions in Italy to produce fresh, crisp and pure white wines.

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