Private import: what is it and how does it work

A private import product is a product that is not available at a Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) store but may be purchased from a recognized promotional agency that imports and sells the product directly. Bambara Selection is a Quebec-based company, recognized by the SAQ, which has exclusive contracts with wine producers to represent and promote their products in Quebec. Our team of professionals works hand in hand with the SAQ to offer you products of outstanding quality, many of which are available at the SAQ retail outlets. To complete its product offering, Bambara Sélection also sells an important selection of wines in private imports and that you can now order through this transactional website.

Wine agencies have the right to promote and sell their products through private imports in Quebec, so long as the agency respects the established rules and procedures, such as selling the products by the case and not by the bottle.

Almost all of the wines sold in Québec – either in SAQ stores or by private import – are represented by an agency, which receives a commission on products sold. The agency fees for wines sold at the SAQ are included in the sale price, just as they are included in the prices on our website along with all taxes. When you place an order on the Bambara Selection website, you will not be charged for the full cost of the bottle. Instead, you only pay the agency fees, and you pay the remainder of the cost directly to the SAQ when you pick up your wines at one of their locations.

Please visit our How to Order section for more details about the purchasing process.