At Bambara Selection, we carefully select the very best wines for you

At Bambara Selection, passion for excellent wines, pride in their quality and offering great value are at the core of our philosophy. We only work with outstanding people in world-class wine regions. We are constantly looking for undiscovered winemakers of outstanding quality. We believe in sustainability and want to support winemakers that share this value. Therefore, most of the wines in our portfolio are certified organic, or are produced using organic farming practices. We are also very selective about winemaking techniques and foster a non-interventionist approach. We seek wines that are not manipulated but rather vinified with very little interventions and with no excessive use of sulphites. They remain, however, precise, clean and true to the terroir and their appellation. 

In search of outstanding wines 

Travelling the world to source the best wines for our clients is a major investment for our organization. Thankfully, Bambara Selection has a team of experienced professionals which is instrumental to this process.   We have tasted thousands of wines and travelled to many regions of the world to seek the best wines at the best prices. We ensure the wines we select are exceptional examples of their appellation and true to the place they are produced. We are also dedicated to finding the best value on the market. We like to think we take our role and what we offer very seriously, but ourselves… not too much. 

Great wines are made in the vineyard. We only work with winemakers that are caring for their land and their vines: growers that control their yields, harvest grapes manually and truly understand when to harvest, at optimal maturity. Winemakers who above all else are farmers. We also ensure that their vineyards are tended without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  We simply and truly believe it makes better wines with more vibrant fruit. We understand, however, that wine is an agricultural product and that each winemakers has to work according to local conditions and vintage reality. 

Bambara Selection support small-scale winemakers who are using traditional techniques, working with respect for the environment and terroir, and safeguarding the incredible biodiversity of their land. Philosophically, we prefer wines fermented with wild yeast, part of the natural flora of the winery as opposed to wines made with selected or cultured yeast. Aging of the wine is another key component of the winemaking process we care about. All of our producers master this phase of the winemaking process. When aged in oak barrels or casks for instance, their wines do not show excessive wood expression and promote balance. They carry just the right amount of oak to allow complex chemical reactions involving a wine’s sugar, acids and phenolic compounds to happen and improve the overall quality of the wine.

Our passion for great terroir

Through our comprehensive selection process, we seek purity first, avoiding manipulated wines. As a result, the wines we have chosen to represent have excellent ripeness, an intense core of fruit and vibrant acidity. They carry harmony and elegance and are pure expressions of their vineyard, their appellation and of the vintage. Each bottle speaks to the distinct soil, climate and topography of their region. We are uncompromising in selecting wines that will satisfy the most experienced palate.

Whether it is a luscious nero d'avola from Sicily in Italy or a delicate pinot noir from Pommard in France, if the wine does not speak of its terroir and appellation, it is not a Bambara Selection.