Our team

John Bambara
President and Sales Manager
John Bambara

Responsible for the bringing Bambara Selection to life, John oversees the everyday operations, sales and vision for the business. Starting in the wine industry more than 25 years ago, John says he has never worked a day since. His passion to seek the best wines in the world for his clients sends him to great wine regions several times annually. When he's not immersed in his many wine related activities, John loves spending time traveling with his family, cooking, and is an avid mountain biker. Among his many favourite red wines in the portfolio are the Volnay and Pommard from Chantal Lescure as well the Le Ragnaie wines of Montalcino. His favourite whites are the wines from Gini in Soave. You can send him an email at john@bambaraselection.com

Louise Faucher

It pays to know your neighbours! Having worked as a secretary at UQAM and UQTR (assistant to the VP Administration) for 10 years and then as a bookkeeper for Guy Faucher’s accounting firm once her children were older, Louise was a great fit for Bambara Selection. Louise loves golfing and when she is not on the green she is always available to handle customer orders and billing. Do not hesitate to contact her at louise@bambaraselection.com if you have any questions about orders or billing. Her favourite wines drink from the portfolio are the Chablis from Domaine Louis Michel et fils.

Guy Faucher
Finance and accounting

Our Finance director has more than 35 years experience as a chartered accountant and was a founding partner at the accounting firm Faucher, Daviault & Associates on the South Shore of Montreal. As Guy loves fine wines and did not feel quite ready for retirement, he was very happy to offer his expertise to his next door neighbour John Bambara. It is a great example of a fair exchange: Guy gives sound advice and in turn gets to discover a range of fine wines to better enjoy his retirement!

Valérie Kuentz
Marketing and Operations

'Baptized in wine', as her father would say, Valérie comes from a long line of family winegrowers in Alsace. At the age of 25, she decided to immigrate with her husband to Quebec.  Thanks to her studies in international trade, it was natural for her to work in the wine business. In addition to raising two children, she loves to play the accordion when she finds time. She has visited a lot of countries in the world and is looking for more to come! Of course, she loves the Kuentz' family alsatian wines, and her favourite reds are Côtes Roties in Rhône Valley. You can reach her at valerie@bambaraselection.com

Annie-Claude Gaudreau
Sales Representative

Her passion for wine started with her parents at her first glass and great food and hasn't stopped. She always wanted to learn more on the topic. Annie-Claude has always combined work, family and studies during her last 15 years. She traveled in various wine countries in Europe, USA and Canada. She likes when there is action, that's for sure! She likes to run marathons, practise Yoga, spend time with her daughter, her favourite partners for concerts. Her favourite wine is Riesling from JL Mann, as well as Pommard from Chantal Lescure. You can reach her at annieclaude@bambaraselection.com

Cédric Peltier
Sales representative
Few liters have flown under the bridges since the time Cedric was adding a drop of wine into his glass of water in order to ‘domesticate’ the fermented grapejuice. Community worker, actor, street artist, philosophy for kids workshop's presenter, Cedric wears different hats. Which is great, because he loves headwears. Moreover, he likes wine, his craftsmen and sharing that comes with a bottle carefully made with all the terroir respect. His passion brought him   at the ITHQ Institute and on a few restaurant floors teasing corkscrews. Inspired by his beloved and their two sons, he adapts ‘Le Petit Prince’ in object theater, with a glass of Voria Frizzante de Porta del Vento. You can reach him at cedric@bambaraselection.com
Geoffrey Barber
Sales representative
After fermenting for four years at university, Geoffrey was ecstatic to find a place at Bambara Selection, where he hopes to barrel age to full maturity. Energetic and passionate, Geoffrey is excited to apply his years of food service experience to serving his clients. When not thinking of, reading about, or drinking wine, Geoffrey can be found fly fishing or cooking. His favorite thing about wine are the histories and little stories that imbue each bottle. He is partial to the Burgundies of the portfolio, as they are an endless source of fascination. You can reach him at geoff@bambaraselection.com
Brigitte Hébert
Sales and administrative clerk 
You can reach her at brigitte@bambaraselection.com